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Why HermanFamily?

Over the years on the scene, we’ve developed best practices and extensive services for backing your legal and strategy needs in the assisted reproduction industry.
When addressing our law and consulting agency, be sure you’ll get the most competent legal advice as we use an individual approach to assess your fertility journey.
Rendering the best possible services, we manage a limited number of patients to adhere to the concept of the family business. This focus not on quantity, but on quality allows us to deliver only effective solutions and efficiency.

Justifying the loan of trust, we guarantee the safety of all the program participants to include egg donors, surrogate mothers, or intended parents. In our vision, the way to parenting must be comfortable and imply the joy of the future encounter with the baby.

Fertility options

Our experts have a huge experience in IVF and international surrogacy. We advocate for families and individuals who experience fertility issues and looking for a highly trusted consulting agency in Ukraine, seek support in signing a gestational agreement, or need legal aid with surrogacy and egg donation.

Our agency operates on the international scene cooperating with lawyer expertise overseas and addressing unforeseen legal issues arising from complicated surrogacy and family law in European countries and the USA.
From planning to conception to custody, we give the intended parents the confidence and support they need, and engaging with our HermanFamily consulting agency minimizes the risks of international surrogacy as law as it is ever possible to comfort your treatment.

Mission possible

Happy couples whose dreams become parents are yet to come! With our expertise and experience, we take pride in having helped 790+ couples on their way to parenthood out of 10 000 couples we dream to help! Today, we declare our aim: We are honored to offer our tailored expert legal and consulting (agency) solutions and tender hearts to help 10 000 thousands of intended parents achieve their dream!








Reviews on HermanFamily

We are sincerely grateful to our dear Anastasia for our daughter. You made our dream come true and we became parents. We will definitely come back to you for another baby!
Omer - Tel-Aviv Israel -
I would like to express my gratitude to Anastasia Herman Law Office for providing professional services to me. I have received concise information and recommendations on further steps regarding my situation in the shortest terms possible. I was fascinated by how quickly all my issues were expertly resolved, and how great communication is. I do recommend your office to everyone who is in need of qualified assistance.
Ann - London UK -
Anastasia is a great lawyer that works from the heart. She is very knowledgeable, smart, kind, helpful, and available.
Gitit Ariav -Israel-
Perfect services! Thank you very much! Highly recommended agency services. HermanFamily will make the process easy from A to Z! Baby is on her way :)
Amalie Fur - Los Angeles USA -

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