Our principles


We strictly follow confidentiality policy during each stage of our work as it has top priority for us

Legal ethic

Legal ethics along with ethical code are fundamental principles which governing our activity and professional duty

Competence and integrity

Given the social importance and complexity of profession, we fulfill high level of training, thorough knowledge of legislation, mastering tactics, methods and techniques of advocacy


We are confident that permanent development is one of our main tasks for keep being highly trusted, professional and innovative


We are happy to provide best solutions and effective guidance with regards to the Family & Surrogacy law.  
We highly value our clients, who years after years entrust their legal issues to us, as their confidence is based on the fundamental principles we stayed true.

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Our achievements

We are top law firm in the spheres of Surrogacy and Reproductive law

212 children born via surrogacy were served with our professional aid

616 counselings on reproductive law were provided on 2016

Citizens more than of 27 countries all over the world use our services

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Fertility law by country

Fertility law differs from country to country and depends on the variety of circumstances and specific of regulations. It is mandatory to explore legislation of your home country as well as the law of the state where fertility journey takes place. We provide consulting taking into consideration specifics, current legislation, and solutions in your best interests.

Practice Areas

Family law

We provide a full range of legal assistance taking into consideration sensitive family questions and childcare related cases

Surrogacy law

Surrogacy and ART law are main spheres of our professional activity. We effectively ensure legal aid and ongoing support to help you through the whole process from the start to the finish

Immigration law

Ukrainian immigration laws set relatively simple requirements for foreigners who want to receive temporary or permanent residence in Ukraine of even its citizenship


Register for unique meeting in Berlin

Register for unique meeting in Berlin

15 January 2018
Anastasia Herman law office provides the unique occasion to get legal consulting regards to surrogacy, egg donation and IVF treatment in Ukraine which will take place in Berlin, Germany. You have an excursive opportunity to…
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Top 5 facts you should know about Ukrainian birth certificate

Top 5 facts you should know about Ukrainian birth certificate

10 January 2018
Surrogacy in Ukraine is a common method of infertility treatment where to international couples coming to take part in. The reproductive law regulation varies from country to country and has some specialties on document arrangements.
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Egg Donation in Ukraine

Egg Donation in Ukraine

12 November 2017
Ukraine offers patients the opportunity of parenthood at a lower cost than elsewhere. IVF clinics attract patients from throughout the world and it is worth considering if you are considering travelling overseas for IVF treatment.
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Our partners

Each our partnership is strong, proved and confident cooperation which allow effectively represent the best interests of our clients.

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