5 Reasons Why You Need a Surrogacy Attorney

Your surrogacy journey needs a qualified lawyer to guide you through the process. And you don’t need just any lawyer ‒ instead, you need a fertility lawyer that specializes in local and international surrogacy law.

Basically, hiring a surrogacy lawyer is a requirement for completing a successful surrogacy. A lawyer’s competence is required during this procedure to safeguard both intended parents and potential surrogates.

A surrogacy or assisted reproductive technology attorney can support you in a variety of ways as you work toward realizing your surrogacy goals.

Reason 1: a surrogacy lawyer is the one to explain fertility laws to you

As previously said, each country has its own surrogacy laws. While some states have made surrogacy incredibly easy, others have severely restricted the practice. Your individual surrogacy adventure will rely on the surrogate and the regulations of the country where she gives birth. All prenatal and postnatal legal procedures will be overseen by state surrogacy regulations there.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Surrogacy Attorney

To ensure that you can continue with the surrogacy procedure legally, you must speak with a surrogacy lawyer in the country where your surrogate lives before you start the process. Your surrogacy attorney will inform you of any significant limitations or particular legal requirements that apply to a surrogacy carried out there.

Reason 2: they will ensure your surrogacy program is legal

Not only does your surrogacy attorney inform you of the relevant local surrogacy regulations, but they also keep an eye out for compliance over the course of your program. This includes completing the required legal papers to safeguard the legitimacy of your surrogacy, keeping track of medical records to ensure they adhere to legal standards, and even more.

Also, when you have any legal questions concerning your surrogacy journey, your fertility lawyer will take care of them and make sure nothing is amiss.

Reason 3: they will help you draw up and sign a surrogacy contract

Drafting and executing a surrogacy agreement, which is necessary before any medical procedures can start, is a crucial component of your surrogacy attorney’s services to you. In order to achieve an equal surrogacy journey for both parties, the intended parents and the surrogate will require separate surrogacy attorneys for reviewing and signing the contract.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Surrogacy Attorney

A surrogacy contract includes all aspects of your surrogacy journey, including the surrogate’s payment, the intended parents and surrogate’s expectations and duties during the procedure, and some delicate topics that have to be addressed. An expert surrogacy attorney can take care of all the issues that must be handled, that you are unable to manage on your own. A surrogacy contract must be completed by knowledgeable surrogacy lawyers in order to satisfy all of the requirements for a valid surrogacy contract.

Reason 4: they protect your rights during and after the surrogacy process

It takes skill to identify the critical aspects of the surrogacy procedure that inexperienced intended parents and surrogates might not be aware of.

Even if you have a solid relationship with your surrogate and can’t envision anything going wrong, a surrogacy lawyer can foresee all of the dangers and liabilities that you might not. It’s necessary to defend your own interests, even though the possibility of complications is probably low. A surrogacy lawyer is the only one who can clearly define possible legal complications.

Your surrogacy attorney will guarantee your rights and protect your interests during the journey. This is especially important since some topics are quite delicate: the fate of remaining embryos, risks of miscarriage, and others.

Reason 5: they help you establish your parental rights

Preserving the intended parents’ rights as early in the surrogacy procedure as feasible is another extremely crucial reason why you need a surrogacy attorney. Your surrogacy lawyer will be fully aware of the procedures required to provide you with parental rights.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Surrogacy Attorney

A surrogacy lawyer will need to go through specific legal procedures, which they are skilled in, to defend your parental rights.

A surrogacy lawyer is an essential component of your surrogacy journey.

It’s crucial to select an accomplished fertility lawyer who is knowledgeable about the surrogacy regulations of both your country and the country where the surrogate will give birth. If you’re dealing with a surrogacy agency, they might even recommend reputable regional surrogacy lawyers that they frequently partner with.