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Our consulting and law firm is a team of highly specialized professionals providing services related to fertility and human reproduction. We have been operating in this complex field with many intended parents worldwide seeking legal support on these delicate grounds. Our expertise and commitment made us a reputable worldwide, known for the highly qualified and responsible work shoulder to shoulder with our clients. Our devotedness to true family values is the centerpiece of our work. We believe that the higher purpose of becoming parents shall be achieved, no matter of the factors barriering you from your dream. We know good Where a wish - there is always a way. Even if you’re desperate, we’ll help you out by managing the legal and organizational parts. Over the years on the scene, we’ve developed best practices and extensive services for backing your legal and strategy needs in the assisted reproduction industry. When addressing our agency, be sure you’ll get the most competent legal advice as we use an individual approach to assess your fertility journey. To render the best possible services, we manage a limited number of patients to adhere to the concept of the family business. This focus not on quantity but on quality allows us to deliver only effective solutions and efficiency. Our reputation is the credit our clients once gave to us, and we truly value it. We are being trusted by patients from all over the world making their parenting dreams come true, as the wish to become parents sees no boundaries. To justify the loan of trust, we guarantee the safety of all the program participants to include egg donors, surrogate mothers, or intended parents. In our vision, the way to parenting must be comfortable and imply the joy of the future encounter with the baby.

About Anastasia Herman

I am an attorney at law in the fertility and family fields. My choice to commit to this field is not accidental, because the protection and regulation of relations between the participants of reproductive programs is aimed to add to the comfort and pleasure of expecting a child. I practice niche reproductive law and am one of the top lawyers in fertility law according to the international rating “Best Lawyers®”. My competencies are determined through my experience and my commitment. Being - International lawyer, expert in reproductive and family law, - Member of the Ukrainian Bar Association, - Member of the American Bar Association, - Recognized as "Best lawyers®" in Ukraine 2022, - 10 years of exclusive experience in the fertility field. I provide my best knowledge and my enthusiasm to help the people who dream of becoming parents.
Why reproduction technologies? I was lucky to observe how people who wanted to become parents are dream-devoted and goal-oriented, no doubt they deserve to be supported and given comprehensive help. Obsessed by the idea, I converted the ethereal dream into a step-by-step plan. Now, with the experience lived through, I can state with confidence that dreams do come true. Today, reproductive medicine in Ukraine is a highly developed, well-arranged, and progressive industry. The performance of the Ukrainian reproductive sector is exemplary. The results of fertility treatment are representative across the industry worldwide. The client-oriented services provided to customers add to the hoped-for results thus making the best combo. That was the way to go since I do, what I do the best.
My professional principles  I find it essential when people love what they do all out. If this is the case, they do their best, they are highly motivated to provide the best services and support and ensure the quality they themselves would accept  I consider moral rectitude and a tender heart the primary human qualities that could change the world  Born to a family of doctors and lawyers, I cultivated decency, fairness, responsiveness and a genuine desire to help. This is what HermanFamily stands for and guarantees by having our family name!  My principles and values are what I am guided with from my youngest years and they are what I want to bring to the world. I believe their light can saturate the world.
-"First do what is necessary. Then do what is possible. And before you know it you are doing the impossible."​- Anastasia Herman