How to chose the best clinic for us? Can we use an egg donor? Where we have to apply for the birth certificate? How will we manage to get the passport for our child? and many other. That's why we made a special option for Intended parents to get all exclusive information from reliable source aimed to help them stay confident and well informed within surrogacy journey. 

Choosing an agency 

As soon as you decided to do surrogacy program abroad the first question which will come out is which agency you want to work with. You need to make sure you are engaged with professionals that are experienced with conducting of ART programs, who follow high ethical and moral principles and one that makes feel you comfortable and secured. You should also make sure that the agency will be constantly available to you 24/7 in case of emergency. We have laid out some important aspects that an agency should meet for you to consider working with them. Remember, there are no right answers, but only answers that make you feel empowered and supported. We at Anastasia Herman law office believe that by taking the right steps and making the right choice, in the beginning, will help you protect yourself from the start and let you fully enjoy long awaited pregnancy.

Requirements due to the surrogate mother 

The criteria which have to be followed in order to become a surrogate mother are provided by Order #787 of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine:
  • the candidate has to be up 18 years old
  • have at least one live born child 
  • be healthy as physically as mentally 
  • don't have any genetic link with a child

Choosing IVF clinic

One of the most important parts of your surrogacy journey is medical service which must comply with the highest requirements, modern labs, IVF and surgery department, high standard protocols and approachable service.  Pay your attention to clinics location, success rate, feedbacks, options of assisted technologies like PGD and PGS, gametes bank, own lab etcetera. It is highly recommended to communicate with a doctor who will do IVF and get exhaustive answers. 

Legal steps:

  • The first step is -  to sign an agreement with the surrogate mother. Such agreement has to be prepared beforehand the embryo transfer and negotiated between the Parties. Notary certification is required by the law, so you have to follow the process to comply with essential requirements of Ukrainian legislation. 
  • The second step is - State registration of the child born in the result of surrogacy. It differs from regular State registration as parents have to provide special confirmation of the ART fact.
  • The last step is - citizenship process which depends on the origin of the parents and country of their residence.  Find out more information - fertility law by country

We know that you have more questions, please contact us right now to engage with confidence and security within your future journey that has to be fantastic.

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