Finding a surrogate is not an easy task so surrogacy arrangements including surrogate finding mostly are conducted either by the clinic or by the specialized agency that can match surrogates and IPs. But you may also find a surrogate yourself. It is not forbidden in the Ukraine to advertise for a surrogate or Intended Parents and what method to choose depends on your decision and potentiality. Please contact us for legal advice before you start the process so that you can be sure that you are operating within the law. You will also want to be satisfied that you can actually become the legal parent once the child is born. It may also be useful for you to know what can go wrong in such arrangements so that you are prepared. Nowadays there are more than 40 clinics in Ukraine which are licensed and perform ART methods of treatment, such as IVF, gametes donation and surrogacy, but not all of them can ensure high-quality international surrogacy arrangements, as their major activity is medical practice, therefore the most confident and reliable way finding surrogate is to hire agent or agency which will act on your behalf.

There are various options as hire an agency which conducts your program or hire a private agent who is more personal. In any case, they represent Intended Parents starting from finding surrogate till the moment of delivery or can assist with part of the program. Please note, that it is extremely important to choose an agency with a good reputation and big experience in this field as we deeply convinced that agency you work with have to empower you with a feeling of confidence, support, and security as it is one you consider entrust the biggest treasure - your family. We recommend getting legal advice before entering into a contract with agency or clinic.

Whichever method or service you use to find your surrogate, you are responsible for making sure that she fully understands what she is doing for you. Independent legal advice and counseling are strongly advised. A Ukrainian lawyer may not be involved in the specifics of your surrogacy arrangement, however, an attorney can provide professional advice on the legal position of a surrogate and intended parent. You need to know what the risks are and how best to avoid them. If a surrogacy arrangement goes wrong, you risk losing your child to someone that you had no intention of having a relationship with. Ultimately, the worst case scenario is a breakdown of the arrangement with dire emotional, psychological and financial consequences for the child’s life.

Anastasia Herman law office provides consulting on international surrogacy arrangements. Please contact our lawyers to advice on surrogacy.