Second Opinion service

Every medical decision you make is fundamental. You can have your doubts ‒ it’s your body, after all. And when it comes to life-changing decisions like entering a fertility program or opting for surrogacy, you want to make sure you’re choosing what’s best for you.



What can our Second Opinion service give you?

In healthcare, the concept of a second opinion is quite widespread. It’s completely normal to ask another professional for their views on your condition and its treatment. And when it comes to surrogacy, IVF, or other fertility services, having a second opinion is usually a must.

HermanFamily professionals are ready to provide you with a second opinion on all things related to fertility services:

Fertility law questions
The choice of medical treatments
Review of procedure protocols
Embryology questions
Infertility diagnostics and options of treatment

Why is it important?

You can be looking for a better way to negotiate a surrogacy contract ‒ we can help you here. If you’re seeking medical advice related to fertility issues, we can consult you as well. Regardless of the situation, HermanFamily can provide you with a reliable and trustworthy second opinion that will help you come up with the final decision on the most important matter ‒ your family and health.

The significance of this service for patients cannot be underestimated. A second opinion on your reproductive diagnosis and treatment strategy might provide you new perspectives on your situation, similar to any other situation in healthcare that requires it. Using this service, patients from all around the world can also access the specialized knowledge of our reproductology professionals and fertility attorneys.


Benefits of Second Opinion service

Patients utilize second-opinion services to evaluate the outcomes of their fertility tests and confirm that the course of therapy they are currently on is the best one. Beginning your fertility therapy correctly can help you avoid a lot of time loss and worry in the future.

Patients who feel that their doctors have not been able to provide them with a definitive diagnosis also frequently seek a second opinion. Our healthcare professionals typically make suggestions for more testing for these patients, finally determining the precise causes of the fertility issue. This greatly enhances the effectiveness of the treatment.

Our experts can also conduct an in-depth investigation to determine the cause and provide solutions if you’ve had numerous failed IUI or IVF cycles.

Before making a crucial choice, it might be helpful to get a second opinion, especially if you’ve been advised that the only alternative available to you is using egg donation services.

You can also check if our collective experience can steer you in the correct direction if you believe that your treatment plan is not personalized for your needs or if the results don’t satisfy you.

All of these will give you the confidence and context to speak out the following time you and your doctor discuss your course of treatment.

How to use it?

First, contact us in any way comfortable for you. We will provide you with an initial consultation to cover every aspect of your concern.

We might need certain medical documents to assess the situation better:

  • details of your previous fertility treatments;
  • specific general health data;
  • results of recent tests taken at your fertility clinic.

If you need legal advice, we might ask you to bring some of these documents as well to have a better understanding of the context.

Next, we provide you with medical or legal evaluations of your case: independent testing, ultrasound testing, surrogacy agreement draft overview, and more.

Whatever your case is, if you’re in need of a reliable and independent second opinion from an experienced fertility lawyer or reproductologist, HermanFamily team is always ready to help you out.



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