Program selection

HermanFamily is a team of experienced lawyers dedicated to helping couples become families and parents of healthy and happy children.

For that, we have more than one solution to offer you.

Programs we offer

Depending on what kind of services the intended parents need, we can provide them with the following:

  • complete organization of IVF treatment;
  • egg donation consulting;
  • sperm donation consultation;
  • full legal support during the surrogacy program;
  • parental rights after surrogacy or IVF;
  • trans-international transportation of the biological material

There is more to that ‒ our profeыsionals have years of experience that allow taking into account anything that can happen under international fertility laws and finding solutions with confidence.

We can provide you with comprehensive legal consultation and, if you need it, full legal support for your journey to becoming proud parents.

Who is an eligible candidate for surrogacy and other fertility programs in Ukraine?

To enlist for any fertility treatment or surrogacy problem in compliance with Ukrainian law, the intended parents must be an officially married couple of man and woman. This is the first and basic condition.

Also, the couple has to have medical indications for infertility treatment:

  • an absence of the uterus or any of its deformations that make carrying a baby impossible;
  • a history of infertility ‒ official medical records that can confirm male or female infertility in the couple;
  • serious chronic diseases that affect the capability of carrying a child to term safely.

As you can see, most of the conditions for participating in fertility and surrogacy programs include certain medical indications.

The same goes for egg and sperm donors ‒ they must comply with every medical requirement to participate in the program.

Please contact us to understand if you would be qualified to engage in surrogacy in Ukraine.