Surrogacy laws in Australia are administered at a state level and there are wide variations in what types of surrogacy arrangements allowed in various states.

In Australia it is illegal to engage in a commercial surrogacy agreement, it is also illegal to advertise for a Surrogate or to financially benefit from setting up a surrogacy arrangement, as such there are no agents working in the domestic Australian surrogacy market.

Additionally, overseas commercial surrogacy is banned for residents of New South Wales, Queensland and Australian Capital Territory.

With different state laws on advertising for a surrogate, or for those offering to be a surrogate it is important to check your home state legislation before engaging in advertising of any sort. That’s why specialists of Anastasia Herman law office recommend prior to any surrogacy od egg donation program arrangement get legal advice by the local lawyer which will engage you with confidence of your surrogacy journey.

Nowadays Ukraine is unique destination for fertility treatment worldwide as a state with a modern reproductive law which allows as altruistic as paid surrogacy and egg donation.

Anastasia Herman law office provides a full range of legal and informational services in the sphere of artificial reproductive technologies in Ukraine. If you are Australian couple who is seeking surrogacy you have to follow next legal steps:

  1. get legal advice on artificial reproductive technologies as by Ukrainian lawyer as by Australian;
  2. enter into the contract with clinic
  3. enter into the contract with surrogate (according to Ukrainian law the surrogacy contract has to be signed between Intended Parents and surrogate mother);
  4. state registration of the newborn and representing of the case in the State Civil Register office of Ukraine (Ukrainian law regulates surrogacy and from the conception of such treatment Genetic Parents are considered as only parents, that’s why only your names will be mentioned in the state birth certificate);
  • post-birth process;
  • DNA testing;
  • obtaining of the passport of the child.

Each abovementioned legal stage has significant value and has to be fulfilled in accordance with Ukrainian and Australian legislations. Specialists of Anastasia Herman law office will assist you with each legal step making you surrogacy journey safe, confident and fast.

Please contact our lawyers for advice on surrogacy law.