Registration & Birth certificate

The culmination of your surrogacy or IVF program, especially abroad, is the birth of a healthy child. This is a big event for every family, but before you can take your newborn home, some final legal processes should be completed.

What is birth registration?

Right after a child is born, it is given a birth registration by a local government. When children are born abroad, or, more precisely, in a country different from the one where they will live with their parents, they are given a birth registration document.

How birth registration and birth certificate are different?

The birth certificate is the main document in this case. It is going to be used throughout the child’s life, including for passport or ID retrieval. The government’s authority issues a birth certificate for identification purposes:

On the other hand, the birth registration certificate is issued by local municipal authorities based on information from the maternity house. It is used mainly for statistics ‒ to keep track of medical records of the local population, and legal facts of the birth to be acknowledged internationally.

Our services

Not only do we support you legally through the entire surrogacy program or IVF treatment, but we also make sure you receive parental rights after the child is born, confirmed by the birth certificate accordingly to international regulations.

For that, we assist you at every step: from engaging with local legal authorities to reaching out to international ones. All of it is done for a single purpose: to establish your parental rights and help you become a happy and healthy family.

After the child is born, we will take care of their birth registration and of the issue of the birth certificate. In order to do that, we will make sure that the birth registration certificate contains the right information.

Here at HermanFamily, we dedicate our time to protecting your parental rights and ensuring your surrogacy program in Ukraine brings you the desired result ‒ a family with your own children to be legally recognized.

An additional option may be provided in case you are not able to be present during the state birth registration, in which case we are drafting necessary documents to be signed in your home country as well as legal representing of yourself to be performed in front of the local authorities regarding parental rights to be established without your physical presence.