Exit process

Obtaining the birth registration certificate of the child born through surrogacy is a crucial step that the intended parents must do when the baby is delivered safely and legally.

In order to receive the birth registration certificate of the child, all the Intended parent needs to do is complete the relevant form, and have a specific list of documents prepared and legalized. After all recommended document preparation is performed, the Intended parents will obtain the birth certificate within a few days.

What is the exit process in Ukraine?

After your surrogate child is born in Ukraine, our lawyers will apply to the closest representative office of your country to issue a travel document for your child to travel to your home country.


Legal parents must have the original of each needed document, as well as a photocopy and a validated translation if the document is not in English.

The list of documents varies depending on your country. In most cases, the embassy asks for the child’s birth certificate, passports of the intended parents, their marriage certificate, proof of a genetic link to the child, surrogacy agreement, etc. .

As for expenses, the fee is also different depending on your country’s regulations.

You must also submit an application for a parental order or adoption in case your local fertility legislation demands so, and if you wish to be the child’s legal parent. For instance, parents from the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, and some other countries have to obtain a parental order.

There are some conditions to receiving one:

  • at least one of the parents has to be genetically linked to the child;
  • you have to be legally married;
  • the child must be living with IPs.

HermanFamily fertility lawyers are ready to consult you on establishing parental rights and making sure the child has your citizenship wherever you are from. We are highly specialized attorneys that work with more than 31+ countries all over the world.

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