Fertility law consulting

As more families choose to have children using assisted reproduction technologies, fertility law is at the forefront of legal practice. Apart from surrogacy, families are looking to employ frozen embryos and donated gametes, such as sperm or eggs.

Consulting services we offer

Our team is able to give intended co-parents legal assistance, including guidance on problems to be taken into account in any parenting arrangements as well as parental responsibility.

Our fertility law consulting services focus on helping married couples become happy families legally and without any problems along the road where infertility is faced.

Fertility law is a distinctive type of legislation, different in every country. There are too many aspects to it ‒ you need a professional lawyer that specializes in the industry.

HermanFamily provides consultation and guides you through the major parts of your journey:

  1. Consulting and agency services on your fertility journey abroad.
  2. Finding and arranging the best destination for your journey to be comfortable, legal, and effective.
  3. Consultations on international fertility legislation. Every country has its own set of rules and allowed fertility programs ‒ if you plan to participate in one abroad, knowing your rights, responsibilities, and main restrictions is a must.
  4. Surrogacy contract review. The surrogacy contract is the main document in your surrogacy program: it describes the rights of every party and details the process and payments. It cannot be overlooked ‒ a professional fertility lawyer can review your contract and make sure it benefits you.
  5. Consultations on parental rights. When you plan to use IVF or surrogacy, it is best if you know the intricacies of becoming a legal parent.

Fertility law consulting at HermanFamily

An assessment of your legal rights and responsibilities when it comes to welcoming a baby into your family is our main priority.

Our team, having 10 years+ of experience in international fertility arrangements and law, is aware of every situation that can possibly happen during infertility treatment. Therefore, we are confident in consulting couples that want to become parents.

Your safety is our priority, and we make sure your treatment complies with the highest industry standards.

Make an appointment with us now to learn more about our fertility consulting services and their costs.