Independent opinion

Whenever in doubt, ask.

The health industry has a long history of patients asking for a second, independent opinion, and reproductology is not an exception.

Receive an independent specialist opinion

HermanFamily provides comprehensive consultations with the best fertility specialists: embryologists, reproductive IVF specialists, biomaterial couriers, coordinators, surrogates, and fertility lawyers.

If you seek new solutions for your unique situation, we can arrange that. Our doctors and lawyers will investigate your situation and help you make grand decisions based on a thorough legal and medical, administrative analysis.

Many patients have a rather rational fear that their infertility treatment will not go as planned due to certain legal or medical issues. To reduce that fear and further minimize any risks, our specialists will consult you on the matter and offer a relevant solution or strategy.

Choosing the individual approach

Every couple is unique ‒ and so we know the best!

If you seek help with infertility treatment, such a surrogacy, donation, and IVF, our team of specialists can consult you independently to provide the best advice for your individual situation.

For instance, this service can be provided to couples that received an infertility treatment that wasn’t successful. In that case, specialists will closely examine the treatment plan, protocols, and health conditions to provide a thorough analysis and recommendations for future treatment.

Or, if you have a choice between different treatments and don’t know which one is more suitable for you, our specialists can consult you and provide a second opinion as well.

HermanFamily aims to help every couple find their own solution and become a happy family with a healthy child.