Finding a qualified surrogacy lawyer: tips and tricks

We are aware that reviewing, writing, and signing a surrogacy contract might be intimidating. By directing you in the appropriate route to discover a reproductive attorney, we’re here to assist ease the situation a little. Check out our top suggestions for choosing a reproductive lawyer to assist you with the surrogacy contract procedure ‒ and more.

Tips for finding a good surrogacy attorney

Consider the advice of your surrogacy agency first. An expert reproductive lawyer who is knowledgeable about the agency’s regulations and procedures will probably have established contacts with your surrogacy agency. Their mutual trust can help you get the best legal services in the context of fertility clinic operations. This might speed up and simplify the legal contract procedure for you.

Finding a qualified surrogacy lawyer: tips and tricks

Furthermore, take into account the lawyer’s own experiences. Some attorneys who specialize in reproductive law went into this specific area because of their own infertility treatments. A lawyer who’s been where you are could make you feel more at ease.

Checking the surrogacy attorney’s license is another important piece of advice. Typically, your surrogacy lawyer should hold a license at least in the country where the surrogate intends to deliver the baby.

This requires a bit of research on how lawyers are licensed in different countries, but the main qualifications usually include a diploma and a license to offer legal services, to put it simply.

With these, we’ve covered only a small part of the things you have to consider while doing your research ‒ basic stuff, even. Now, let’s overview what kind of other features a qualified surrogacy lawyer potentially has.

What to look for?

Dealing with a lawyer with experience in reproductive law, rather than another area of law, is essential. Check out the lawyer’s biography or ask them directly. You’re looking for a lawyer with extensive expertise in reproductive law. Working with a lawyer who is fresh to the subject but supervised by an expert reproductive lawyer is also a suitable choice.

The two leading associations for assisted reproduction attorneys are the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association and The Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys. The majority of experienced lawyers in this area are either members of one or more of these organizations, or are affiliated with them in some way.

The specifics of a surrogacy lawyer’s services are another issue. While some reproductive lawyers focus mainly on surrogacy, others also work on egg donation, second-parent adoption, and so on. All of your legal issues relating to surrogacy can be handled by an attorney with a wider practice area in fertility law, which can benefit you in the long run.

However, an attorney with great relations to the agency can have a bigger effect on the clinic in case you require something exceptional.

Finding a qualified surrogacy lawyer: tips and tricks

The majority of reproductive lawyers provide free consultations. Use this opportunity to assess whether your prospective attorney will be a good fit by asking them some questions. For example:

  • how many years of experience do they have?
  • what are their most successful cases?
  • what licensing do they have?

Reproductive attorneys almost always charge fixed rates. In this legal field, hourly charging is not particularly efficient. In most cases, you want flat rates so you can budget for your legal expenses upfront.

Finding a qualified surrogacy lawyer: tips and tricks

Use these tips to plan your surrogacy journey thoroughly and be prepared for any challenges that might come along the way. The chances are high, a good surrogacy attorney will help you overcome each of them and bring you to the awaited result: the birth of a healthy baby you will have legal parental rights for.