HermanFamily: What You Need to Know

HermanFamily is a boutique office specializing in providing help to families with fertility and surrogacy issues. Let’s take a closer look at the services we provide and the cases we develop tailored solutions.

Helping IVF parents and surrogates protect their rights and best interests

Many people who experience difficulties with fertility, whatever the reason, benefit from In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy. The foremost objective of this complex process is having a healthy baby. However, both families and surrogates should always consider their healthy nerves, which is often backed by sound support of experts in family and surrogacy law thus ensuring your parent’s legal position.

In assisted fertility programs, a legal firm is in charge of a clear definition of parental and surrogates’ rights. The responsibility of participants in the surrogacy and donation does not arise by default, it must be fixed by relevant agreements and comply with the law. That’s what our legal firm does for you to save headaches and avoid extra legal expenses. Our primary mission is to turn the realization of your dream into a stress-free experience for all parties.

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Our agency provides full service in the issues related to ART. As soon as you choose us to assist you with the legal details of your journey, you’ll be assigned a go-to manager who supports you throughout the process.

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Our practice areas

Case analysis: Thorough vetting procedure to find potential donors and surrogates and determine potential challenges and terms as well as outline alternative solutions.

Mediation in a relationship: Drafting mutual agreements between all the participants to address the needs and requests of all.

Cost control: Estimation of associated expenses for you to understand what you’re paying for and to eliminate issues involving extra payments beyond the agreement.

Comprehensive support: Gentle and professional process monitoring, follow-up and guidance at all times during our fertility assistance program.

We know how to safeguard the future of your family

Our understanding is that people should know what is to be expected. Based on the consideration of your case, the specialists of our firm offer a service package, match ideal surrogates and donors, guide you through legalization and maintain communication to keep you involved.

Thanks to our experience and commitment, we work with the most complicated cases to draft the most optimal agreements guaranteeing your rights are properly protected. You will find here no hidden costs, no blind solutions, and no uninformed decisions. Your needs and requirements are our primary way-marks.