Ukraine has unique surrogacy legislation which is the friendliest in Europe and allowing the Intended Parents to be considered the child’s parents from the very moment of it’s conception, in contrast to other countries where additional court procedures and even post-adoption process are required. Choosing Ukraine as a destination for your surrogacy journey, I will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you, in particular:

  • to counsel you on all legal aspects of surrogacy process in Ukraine;
  • to counsel you on medical procedures, i.e. embryo transfer, egg retrieval, storage of embryos or gametes, new scientific developments such as PGD etc.;
  • draft and negotiate relevant agreements for all the parties involved;
  • negotiations and representation in front of the medical institutions;
  • fulfill proper and prompt birth registration of the newborn child;
  • provide you with legal advice on family, citizenship and immigration law;
  • effectively facilitate obtaining documents necessary to get travel documents;
  • assist you with a post-birth process which is required by the country law of your residence;
  • legal aid with disputes resolving.

If you embark this amazing journey we are happily will handle the associated emotional, medical, financial, travel issues. Partnering with a skilled team of professionals such as licensed medical practitioners, psychologists, case managers, logistic consultants and insurance agents, we are willing to do best for you to work through the complex surrogacy process abroad without sacrificing the joy that comes with starting or expanding a family.

The great experience dealing with various international jurisdictions including various USA, Australia, Ireland, Great Britain, Israel, Netherlands and big numbers of European countries inspire us to continue establishing links with reliable assisted-reproduction law experts across the globe.

If you have any questions or concerns about legal regulation of surrogacy in Ukraine and options for participation of foreign patients in assisted reproduction programs in Ukrainian clinics, seek to know details of such programs we will be glad to help you making your fertility treatment easier and confident.

May your dream become happy parents come true and we will do our best to facilitate it!