Surrogacy in Ukraine: why it’s a popular destination for international couples

Surrogacy is defined as the technique or arrangement in which someone delivers birth for another person. Gestational surrogacy allows those who are unable to have children to become parents. It’s a process that requires medical and legal expertise and strong support networks along the way. Those who are considering surrogacy as a way to start a family are called intended parents.

A fertility clinic uses IVF to create embryos. Sometimes the genetic material of the intended parents is utilized, but in some cases, a donation of eggs is required. At the fertility center, a gestational carrier receives one to two embryos and carries them to term.

Ukraine is a well-liked international surrogacy location because its legislative framework recognizes married different-sex couples as the legal parents of a child born through surrogacy and authorizes surrogacy for foreign intended parents.

Surrogacy in Ukraine: why it's a popular destination for international couples

The couple of intended parents should be legally married and have medical indications to enter the surrogacy program. This sounds strict, but the main legal benefit of surrogacy in Ukraine is an almost instant establishment of parental rights over the child after its birth. Intended parents are written into the birth certificate as legal parents, and the child inherits their citizenship.

Legal regulations of surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine has comprehensive surrogacy legislation, providing clarity and protection for all parties involved. Surrogacy is legal in Ukraine, and associated laws apply.

  1. Only gestational surrogacy is allowed, and a traditional one isn’t.
  2. Entering a surrogacy program is possible only for couples with medical indications to do so: chronic diseases that make it impossible to carry to term, infertility, uterus deformation, or absence.
  3. Entering a surrogacy program in Ukraine is possible only on a commercial basis. A surrogate should be compensated for her services with or without medical and travel expenses.

Compared to other countries, Ukraine’s surrogacy laws are more permissive, making the process smoother and more accessible for intended parents.

For example, the process itself is quite straightforward. After turning to a surrogacy agency, you will be guided through every step of the program. Also, an official written agreement will be signed to establish your rights and responsibilities as well as the surrogate’s.

Right after the birth, the child adopts the citizenship of the intended parents (not the surrogate mother and/or her spouse). Moreover, it is intended parents who are listed as legal parents on the birth certificate, relieving couples from the tiresome process of adoption.

Reasons for choosing Ukraine as a surrogacy destination

International couples choose Ukraine due to its favorable legal environment, which ensures their rights and provides a secure and regulated surrogacy process.

Ukrainian surrogacy law is oriented to benefit the intended parents, recognizing them as the legal parents from the moment an embryo is created. And a surrogacy-born child in Ukraine is granted the nationality of their parents in a simple process, as long as both parents are present to complete the paperwork in their country’s embassy.


You will be your child’s legal parents from birth in Ukraine and will need to be there for the birth as well as for a period of time afterward while you resolve the immigration issues. It takes a few months to get a passport from your home country for your child. After that, you will be completely ready to leave home as a whole new and happy family.

Benefits of surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine is a quite popular surrogacy destination among Western countries ‒ it offers way more opportunities to expand your family without stress.

Surrogacy in Ukraine: why it's a popular destination for international couples

Affordable Cost

Ukraine’s surrogacy is more affordable than in other countries, making it an attractive option for couples with budget constraints. Sure, the cost of the surrogacy program doesn’t include your travel expenses, and the surrogacy contract might also require you to pay for medical and travel expenses of the surrogate, but overall, the process is still way more affordable than in most countries where surrogacy is allowed.

High Success Rates

Thanks to its advanced medical infrastructure and expertise, Ukraine boasts impressive success rates in assisted reproductive technologies, including surrogacy.

IVF clinics also have the ability to work with cutting-edge equipment and hold up to the highest healthcare standards.

Experienced Medical Professionals

The country is renowned for its skilled and experienced medical professionals who provide top-notch care throughout the surrogacy journey. Surrogacy agencies and IVF clinics in Ukraine are private structures that hire only top specialists in the reproductology field.

Availability of Surrogate Mothers

Ukraine has a large pool of willing and qualified surrogate mothers, allowing intended parents to find suitable matches more easily. Besides, the requirements to become a surrogate are quite strict, yet many women apply for the surrogacy program as gestational carriers.

With this in mind, Ukrainian surrogate mothers are always healthy and taken care of.

Challenges of surrogacy in Ukraine

Intended parents from different cultural backgrounds may encounter challenges in understanding and navigating Ukrainian customs and traditions. Also, many individuals have questions about the safety of their stay in Ukraine and the safety of the surrogate and the child.

Language Barriers

Language differences can pose communication challenges between intended parents and surrogate mothers, requiring the assistance of translators or agencies. While many Ukrainians have basic or even upper-intermediate level of English knowledge, daily communications might be difficult during your stay.

Ethical Considerations

Surrogacy raises ethical questions, and some individuals and organizations argue that commercial surrogacy exploits vulnerable women. However, Ukrainian law recognizes commercial gestational surrogacy as legal ‒ but only with the informed consent of every party. This is why it’s crucial to check in with your surrogacy agency about the terms and conditions their surrogates abide by.

Risks and Uncertainties

Despite the legal framework, surrogacy still carries inherent risks and uncertainties, such as potential medical complications or legal disputes. However, these risks can be easily predicted when you work with an experienced fertility lawyer.

Surrogacy in Ukraine: why it's a popular destination for international couples

What is less predictable is the safety concerns. Many people wonder whether it’s safe now to visit Ukraine, even for a short-term stay. We advise you to check in with your embassy’s comments on the situation and whether they discourage you from visiting the country or not.

Future Outlook of Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine’s surrogacy industry offers numerous advantages, including affordability, high success rates, experienced professionals, and numerous available surrogate mothers.

With ongoing advancements in assisted reproductive technologies and continued focus on regulation and ethical considerations, the surrogacy industry in Ukraine is poised for further growth and development ‒ especially when there is a demand in infertility treatments and affordable surrogacy programs.