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Surrogacy legislation of Israel is one of the most developed and strictly regulated in the world. Israeli government legalized gestational surrogacy in 1996 under the "Embryo Carrying Agreements Law". It made Israel the first country in the world which implemented a form of state-controlled surrogacy when each and every contract must be approved directly by the state. By the law, a man and woman who are married are entitled to find a surrogate independently or through the help of surrogacy agency and to enter into the surrogacy agreement.

Surrogacy is well regulated by the government of Israel and allows Israeli citizens take part in the artificial reproductive technologies programs abroad. One of the most chosen destinations for ART treatment is Ukraine which attracts with a variety of available options and quality of the services which are competitive with other European countries.

The legal process for Israeli requires heterosexual couple have to be officially married and have medical indications for ART treatment. Both facts have to be proven by the official documents and provided to the medical institution where the program will take place.

Before the program starts couples have to get qualified legal consult by the Ukrainian lawyer and sign an agreement with a surrogate mother. Surrogacy agreement has to fulfill requirements of the state legislation of the country where surrogacy program takes place and be drafted with respect to Israeli law. We are happy to assist our clients sharing our experience and providing legal help during each step of ART treatment fulfill necessary law demands, making our clients be full of confidence and enjoy all period of successful pregnancy.

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The after the birth legal process is focused on providing our clients the most effective help on getting a permit on the quickest exit of Ukraine. The process requires the assistance of Ukrainian and Israeli lawyers who works together in best clients’ interests representing the case in both states. The first part of the proceeding takes place in Ukraine and is related with close cooperation with the Embassy of Israel in Kiev. After the requests of the Embassy are fulfilled and DNA test confirmed a genetic link between child and father, afterwards process starts in Israel where our partner lawyer starts court proceeding aimed to get necessary decision basing on which we will apply to Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs with request to issue the travel document for a newborn child. In the result, the child obtains traveling passport in Kiev which is finalize the process, allow legally cross the border and back to the home country. Providing legal services of the best quality, taking care of our client and priority of child’s interests, we built strong cooperation with top lawyers of Israel to ensure fast and maximum productive legal part of your surrogacy journey. We are law firm which is highly recommended by the Israeli Embassy in Ukraine by virtue of long lasting, strong cooperation, constant support of our clients and great feedbacks about our work. 

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