Surrogacy law of the United States of America changes from state to state and depends on regulations which rule in the appropriate area. Some Intended Parents arrange domestic surrogacy program, choosing the state where surrogacy legally provided by the law but most of the IP’s looking for more affordable surrogacy options abroad and Ukraine is one of the most popular destination.

Ukraine is friendliest and extremely popular country where surrogacy is absolutely legal, quality of services is truly great and prices are significantly lower. Taking into considerations aforementioned factors, it is a great place for surrogacy journey with big numbers of attractive benefits, therefore Anastasia Herman law office glad to become a part of this miracle trip and support planned either ongoing program.

Intended Parents considering legal part of surrogacy program as one of the biggest issues, as it makes them feel stressed and embarrassed. Anastasia Herman law office is highly experienced team of specialists who are familiar with US surrogacy process which takes place in Ukraine.

Under the USA law, a child born abroad must be biologically related to a US citizen parent who meets statutory transmission requirements:

a US citizens father or mother must be the genetic parent of the child and meet all other statutory requirements in order to transmit US citizenship to the child at birth. DNA testing is often the best way to establish a genetic or blood relationship after the child is born and is mandatory requirement of the USA Embassy. Even if the local law recognizes a surrogacy agreement and finds that US parents are the legal parents of a child conceived and born abroad through ART, if the child does not have a biological connection to a US citizen parent, the child will not be a US citizen at birth.

In addition to establishing a biological relationship to the child, US citizen parents must also establish that other transmission requirements have been met, such as having had certain periods of physical presence or a residence in the United States prior to the birth of the child. The Department of State can only determine the US citizenship status of a child born abroad after the child is born.

Anastasia Herman law office is happy to make each step of your exciting journey confident and easygoing providing personal approach. We ensure consultations on all types of ART programs, including surrogacy, egg/sperm donation, IVF along with document and agreement drafting, assistance with post-birth process etcetera. We will minimize time of your stay in Ukraine providing approachable legal services of excellent quality which accompanies the greatest and most admirable journey in your life – path becomes parents.

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