What does a reproductive lawyer do?

Fertility lawyer is a law specialist who helps their clients with the legal part of their infertility treatment programs. Given that legal processes in any IVF or surrogacy programs are complex, the lawyer is recommended to be one of the first specialists you hire before engaging in any treatment program.

What does a reproductive lawyer do?

Every infertility treatment program is genuinely unique and the success depends on every party involved, including a lawyer. A fertility law specialist can explain what options are available or are offered to you, become your guide in the fertility law and help you to make the choices best for you. In addition, he/she may assist with predicting possible contingencies in the course of the program, protect your rights and interests and make sure your program is performed in accordance with existing legislation.

The variety of services the fertility lawyer may offer depends on the country he/she works. Considering each country has set limitations regarding IVF and surrogacy, fertility lawyers tend to specialize only within the frames of their country’s law. A lot of European countries, for example, prohibit egg and sperm donation and surrogacy. Therefore, it is always recommended to work with a specialist from the country where you decided to p

ursue any infertility treatment.

Reproductive lawyers in UkraineWhat does a reproductive lawyer do?

A lot of couples find Ukraine a perfect place to become parents due to the variety of treatment techniques available. This vast choice makes Ukraine a popular destination to use all sorts of assisted reproductive technologies. Even though you can legally start your way to parenthood in Ukraine, you should keep in mind certain limitations.

If you’re looking for egg/sperm donation treatments, they seem to be simpler in terms of possible legal issues. Responsible fertility agencies, as a rule, hire attorneys, who consult them and prepare a set of documents required to carry out the IVF program in compliance with the law. Therefore, you, as a patient can be confident you are not breaking a law with such agencies. However, it may be sometimes difficult to access their liability on your own and to avoid difficulties, you may hire an attorney who can give you professional advice.

With surrogacy, however, the situation is different. It is better to have a lawyer in Ukraine to be sure you are not violating the law in any way. You should be well informed about the requirements of the surrogate mother as one harmless missed detail may result in the impossibility to register yourself as the legal parents of your baby. It is not only the surrogate, who should correspond to certain criteria, IPs do also have to conform to theirs. For example, in Ukraine, you must have a medical reason why you need a surrogate and moreover, you should be married.

Another important process following the birth of your baby is legal registration which comprises the issuance of the Ukrainian birth certificate and the passport. This part of your program is one of the most important ones, therefore, you are not recommended to take risks and organize everything on your own. One mistake can make registration impossible. You can always contact us by email at anastasiya.herman@gmail.com or by phone at +38 097 25 26 980 and make your way to parenthood less stressful.

Resolving fertility-related disputes

Couples, who engage in infertility treatment are looking forward to the day they will meet their baby and are hoping there will be no issues on their way. However, this is not always the case. The complications may be connected with:

  • unreliable surrogates;
  • mistakes of agencies and clinics;
  • misunderstandings between the parties;
  • Fertility lawyers can help you to resolve them, file the lawsuit and defend your interests in court if needed.

Even though the arrangements for the fertility treatment may be overwhelming, especially if you are planning to do it abroad, the reproductive lawyer is one who can simplify your experience by taking responsibility for the legal side of your program. Our team at Anastasia Herman can ensure stability and confidence during your treatment, keeping you away from unnecessary stress. Schedule your consultation today, we are ready to meet you both online and at 55a K. Levytskoho str, Lviv, Ukraine.